Friday, July 8, 2011

Mary Macilliop Show

Mary Mckilliop show

On Thursday our school had the privilege of seeing a play about Mary Mackillop in our school hall and found out why she became the first saint from New Zealand and Australia . Mary Mackillop was born in Australia and the Mackillop family was poor and need some food . There was a man whose name was Scott and there was a girl whose name was Julia who also were part of the play. I thought that Scott was funny and the crowd was laughing at him.

Scott had riped clothes and Mary Mackillop told Scott to go to Saint Joseph home and they will get help. When Scott came back he told Mary Mackillop that her sister died. Mary Mackillop wanted to go to see her sister and she needed a ride a short distance to see her, even though she was dead. She went to the place but there were people drinking and a man called Kelly, and Mary Mackillop went to see her sister after she died.

Another part of the play told us about when Mary’s dad was milking the cow and needed to push the cows and seven people had to push this one cow. After the helpers finished they sat back down and later on the story revealed that Mary was now a Saint . Many members of her family were happy that Mary Mackillop was a Saint.

I enjoyed the show and I now feel I know Mary Mackillop better.
The movie was exciting and it was so Hilarius. I want to see the movie again but i can’t .it was the best movie i have ever seen

By Vili

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  1. Hello Villi...really wonderful that u appreciate that kind of story, hope it will always bear to your mind the story of Mary.. Have a nice day!

    from philippines-


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