Sunday, December 2, 2012

Missed out on camp

On Wednesday the year 7s & 8s went camp except me.  I was so sick and missed out on all the fun activity.  While I was in bed Miss Bell rang my house and asked for me,  I thought my teacher will be angry at me for making them wait.

It was past midday and I still was frustrated that I was not going to camp.  My mum told to come  with her to the shops, so we did.  We got to the shops and bought food.  We came back home and my mum made lunch for us to have.

My sister came back from work and had lunch with my big brother. My dad came back from work at 6 o'clock in the evening. My dad came with pizza for dinner.  I was so full and went to sleep.

Monday, October 29, 2012


French: Je Suis quatre bonbons,      Je Suis sept croisante,       Je Suis dix crayon,        Je suis cing baguette

English: I have 4 lollies,      I have 7 croisante,      I have 10 pencils,  I have 5 french sticks  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

French Week 1

This week in French we were learning how to greet each other in French.Here is a conversation where two people greet each other in French.

Roller: Hello Mimi
Mimi: Hello Roller
Roller: How are you?
Mimi: I’m ok, how are you?
Roller: I’m good.

Roller: Bonjour Mimi
Mimi: Bonjour Roller
Roller: Ça va?
Mimi: Comme ci, comme Ça, Ça va?
Roller: Ça va bien

Friday, May 11, 2012

Basketball Experience

Planing: Coach Bruce, Dribble,  knees bended, butt stretching out.

Hey guys guess what Room 7 played basketball on Tuesday morning.I was nervous.First our basketball coach was Bruce, he used to play basketball but now he  is coaching a basketball team.When we started I was already shaking,I was afraid I might do the wrong thing.

Siliva passed me the ball and I was so so scared.So I ran to one cone and turned it over then I ran back and passed the ball to the next person, “Few that wasn’t so embarrissing” I said.Our next traning was testing our shooting skills. Daniel passed me the ball and I was so nervous,I ran to the middle line and crossed and then ran under the hoop shoot the ball but it missed so I tried again then I got it in.

We finished and we went back to class feeling confident with myself.   Now I can't wait for next week.

                                                         THE END

Friday, April 27, 2012

Reading circle week 1

TITLE OF THE BOOKThe Boy From Nowhere
PEOPLE IN THE GROUPAngelica, Robertanna, Fatai, Vililatai
ROLES: Angelica(Discussion Director)
Robertanna(Wild and Crazy Word Finder)
Fatai(Summary Director)
Vililatai(Selection Director)

Write four to six questions about what you have just read. These questions will be used for group discussion during the next reading session. Think about the question helpers in the box below.
Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
Details? Inferred? What if? Opinion?

Angelica -

Who are the characters?
John-paul, Claire, Paul, Liz, Stephen, Stephen’s Mum and Granny.

What happened?
John Paul and Claire find a radio in their loft They turn it on and hear different voices speaking. They become suspicious and wonder who’s talking.

How did the characters feel most of the time? Confused, Scared & Curious

Where did the chapter take place or where was it located? Home/ John-Paul’s bedroom/ Kitchen and the loft.

How did this investigation start?
JP &C look around in the loft for things they could sell in their garage sale. While they search they come across this unfamiliar radio. JP turns on the radio and something strange happens. The investigation begins.

Find four to six interesting, powerful or tricky words from today's reading. Write them below along with the page number. Use flags to mark those words. You will be asked to share those words during our next guided reading meeting.

Vehemently -12
angry manner
“I hate toby” the boy said vehemently

a piece of furniture that will have high values
old people like old things. this might be antique
not clearly understood and said.
“OH” said Claire vaguely
an action requiring physical movement
Manoeuvring it through the kitchen and up the stairs
Dubious- 7
hesitation or doubt
John-paul was dubious
Plaintively- 11
expressing sorrow,mournful
a boy asked plaintively

Selection Director
Pick the most interesting part to read to your group during our next guided reading meeting.

Selection Director - Vililatai
Book Title: The Boy From Nowhere, Chapter One.
Pages to read:
Whole Chapter/ Pages 7 to 20
To understand the whole story from beginning to end you must read and understand the first chapter to make your way through the book and to have a fair idea of what the story is about.
Summary Director
Write two to three paragraphs summarizing the chapter or today's reading. Use the chart that guides you through summarizing.
Summary Director - Fatai
Today’s Date: Thursday 26th April 2012
This chapter summarises how John-Paul and Claire find a radio in their loft. When John turned on the radio a strange voice came out. John became suspicious and curious. He wanted to keep on listening, so he hurried to his room with the radio calling his sister Claire to come with him. They listened and listened. More voices came out. A name Stephen was mentioned. Claire was getting abit scared.

Later on in the day John and Claire’s parents arrived back home. John and Claire tried to convince their parents to listen but they’ll just say no. Eventually Liz(mother) tells her husband to spare a few minutes. They all listen. A voice cries out “St-eee-phen, St-eeeeee-phen”! The family becomes scared and wonders who owns this radio and if this is just a game or not one.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Room 7 Faith Assembly

Friday 9 March 2012.

Today was Room 7's assembly. t was our first assembly of 2012. I felt nervous
We began with a prayer led by Ofa and Dorthy.
After the prayer she said, "Room 7 are you the king of rap?" Room 7 replied "yeah bring it on," Ofa then said "we are going crossline to the Room 7 T.V station.

It was time for Room 5, I did Room 5 with Ilaisaane. I felt so shy that I was already shaking feeling embarrassed with my face up on the screen. Once my turn was over, I felt better.

I was ready to do the class rap and the song. We sang really well and we were proud of ourselves.
I wonder what would be the next idea for our next assembly. I hope it is not soon.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Tennis Experince

I want my reader to know what I did.I want the reader to know that I had an fun experience.

On Tuesday St Pius X played Tennis. I was so excited. I’ve never played tennis before. Room 7 was first. Marcel was our tennis coach. He told us how to hold a tennis racket and how to hit a ball.

Marcel told us to get to pairs. He told David and I to go and stand in front of the net, half of Room 7 to stand one side of the court and the rest on the other side. The half that was on the left side hit the ball first while the other side threw the ball to them. I was having alot of fun. Afterwards Room 7 had a game of King of the Court. We all had turns and had fun.

My teacher(Mrs Tui) was the hardest one for me to challenge because she hit the ball hard and far. I still had lots of fun playing tennis.I can’t wait to play tennis again.

Welcome 2012

Hello & welcome back to my blog.Hope you all had an awesome holiday.This year I will try my best effort in all my work.Please comment on my writing,reading and other things.Please only appropriate comments thanks.