Friday, March 9, 2012

Room 7 Faith Assembly

Friday 9 March 2012.

Today was Room 7's assembly. t was our first assembly of 2012. I felt nervous
We began with a prayer led by Ofa and Dorthy.
After the prayer she said, "Room 7 are you the king of rap?" Room 7 replied "yeah bring it on," Ofa then said "we are going crossline to the Room 7 T.V station.

It was time for Room 5, I did Room 5 with Ilaisaane. I felt so shy that I was already shaking feeling embarrassed with my face up on the screen. Once my turn was over, I felt better.

I was ready to do the class rap and the song. We sang really well and we were proud of ourselves.
I wonder what would be the next idea for our next assembly. I hope it is not soon.

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