Friday, March 2, 2012

My Tennis Experince

I want my reader to know what I did.I want the reader to know that I had an fun experience.

On Tuesday St Pius X played Tennis. I was so excited. I’ve never played tennis before. Room 7 was first. Marcel was our tennis coach. He told us how to hold a tennis racket and how to hit a ball.

Marcel told us to get to pairs. He told David and I to go and stand in front of the net, half of Room 7 to stand one side of the court and the rest on the other side. The half that was on the left side hit the ball first while the other side threw the ball to them. I was having alot of fun. Afterwards Room 7 had a game of King of the Court. We all had turns and had fun.

My teacher(Mrs Tui) was the hardest one for me to challenge because she hit the ball hard and far. I still had lots of fun playing tennis.I can’t wait to play tennis again.

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