Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Athletics Day

Relays on Friday On Friday afternoon it was one hot sunny day, it was so hot heaps of people became exhausted before we had started to do any running.We went outside into the field and had athletics practice. We were going to practice relays in our house groups such an awesome way to finish the days activity. There were lots of teams doing relays because room 5 joined in with the other two senior classes. I was waiting so long I burned on my bottom and I said “hurry up “ to the people besides me . As others were setting up the big cones and getting the battens for the relays.

Once we got to the field we sat down on the grass and the teachers counted us in numbers and the numbers that are the same are in one team so I was number 5.We sat down on the lines and we started.One person stood up from each lines . Daniel and Kahlaine commenced relay. They raced our team and we were cheering for our team and we were cheating because Sefesi ran half way and came back to give the batten to someone else. It was my turn to run next and Turansis was running and I caught up to him and I got to the next runner first and it went on.We finished and we had to do it do it again and we nearly did the same thing but this time we didn’t cheat and it was fun and tiring for me.I nearly couldn't breath properly and I thought that I was going to die but i didn’t.We practiced and practiced over and over again.We were finished and we lined up to walking back to class and I had to take a one cone and take it back to the office. Well I’m off home now, have a nice weekend!

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