Friday, June 14, 2013

Description: My Mother

My Mother' name is Manu and she means the world to me.  She has long black and white coloured hair.  She is roundish and is not quite tall.  She has black outline for her beautiful dark brown eyes.

My mum is a loving,caring,funny and helpful mother.  She love to look after us when we're sick.  She'd always spoil us when we're sick or when we're good.  She loves to help and make others laugh.  My mum is humble, she is a friend to every at church and never starts a fight or a argument.  She love to see her kids friends come over.  She always give up her time to work/play with us.

My mum loves netball.  She'd always take us to watch netball/basketball games at Tonga.  She is the best chief/cooker in the family.  She cooks the most delicious food like chief Ramsay.  My mum is one of the most precious person to me. 

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