Wednesday, June 1, 2011


On Sunday after church we went to my nana’s house to have a feed there and my cousin was there and didn't know that he came back from Tonga and this time he had long hair and he got skinny and taller . After that my cousin came and we had to go to the trampoline and jump but my little cousin vomited on the trampoline and i didn’t wanted to jump again so i went inside the house and watch cartoons and waited for the food.My cousin and i was the first one out of the boys to get the food. And we had a prayer and we started eating.We eat and eat and then we got the tomato sauce and poured it on the plate and we continue eating and it was nice and delicious.After that we watched some TV and ate ice cream and the flavor was banner and it was on a chocolates cone.My mum told us to go home and it was cool at my nana’s house because of the food.We got back home and i went to play on the computer.After that my uncle called Sam came and pick up my cousins from my house.

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