Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My brothers marrage in the holiday

On Saturday in the afternoon i have to go to my brother’s wedding and after that we have to go to the baffet king at Manukau.We got dressed and my dad came and pick us up to go to the church.We went to my aunty's house to get the minister’s things for the marriage and we went to the church.While we were going i fell asleep and when we got there my cousin was there and i forgot to tell him if he came with my cloths but i didn’t.We went into the church and find us seats and we waited.A person told us if we can move forward then we all move forward and sat down again.We heard the song and men's were walking in and my cousin said that my brother is not lucky because he is not up in the front with your brother.After that the girls came and there little girls but there more bigger kids then little and one boy came with the rings and it was on a white pillow and the girls all had flowers.My brothers wife came with her dad to the front.The minister came and got the bible and read a chapter and after that he asked my brother tony to hold the bible and repeat after him.And Jade the bride had to the same thing as Tony said. After that a boy had to bring the ring to them and my brother had to repeat after the minister says and Jade too.The minister said after that u may kiss the bride and they kissed but i didn’t see it because my cousin distracted me that why.We had to go to the baffet king to eat there.My aunty had to follow us because they didn’t know were it was.When we got there me and my cousin Sione went and got us food we first got chips and tomato sauce and fish.After that we got some ice-cream and then there were dances and my cousin Siva was part of it and after that we had to go home and i saw Siva vomit on the road then went in my van and went home.

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