Friday, November 8, 2013

Testing week

This past week I've been tested academically. I did very well in Maths, and English. My best work was in spelling! I got 92/100! I am very proud of myself.

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Friday, September 27, 2013


Today I have learned to make 5 different things with only 5 triangles that are the same size.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


What I have learned while I was making these shapes: I have learned to make different shapes with only 7 tangram.

Today I have spent the morning using 5 triangles, 1 square and 1 parallelogram. These pieces are called  tangram. With these pieces I have made these 7 shapes.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Addition and Subtraction level 3

I am able to solve addition and subtraction problems at level 3.

Addition and Subtraction.

Show how you solve these number problems.  

1.  Maraea is saving to buy a cat.  In 3 weeks she has saved $9, $56 and $72.  Show how to work out how much she has saved altogether.
9 + 56 + 72 =
50 + 70 = 120
6 + 2 = 8
9 + 8 = 17
120 + 17 = 137                  
                    ANSWER- 137.

2.  Tom saves his money each month to buy a dog.  In 4 months he has saved $36, $78, $203, and $123.  Show how to work out how much he has saved altogether.
-4 from 8 then put the four to the 36 = 40.
then there will be 40 + 74 + 203 +123.  
40 plus 70 = 110 + 4 = 114.
200 + 120 = 320 + 3 + 3 = 326.
114 + 326 = 440. Answer-440-

3.   Te Ao is saving to buy a horse.  So far she has saved $17, $160, $72, and $148.  Show how to work out how much she has saved altogether.
17 + 160 + 72 + 148 = ?
160 + 148 = 308
17 + 72 = 89
308 + 89 = 397.

4.  Petelo has $ 147 as a present.  He spent $78 at the shop.  How much has he got left?
100 - 78 = 22
22 + 47 = 69                          

Frog Pond Cloze Activity level 3

I am learning to add words to a text so it  makes sense at level 3.




Read the text and put in the correct word.
It's early morning on frog pond. As the sun rises, light sparkles on the water  1). All sorts of
pond animals are waking up. A (2) busy day is beginning.  At the edge of The (3) pond, a little green frog sits on a lily pad 4) in the water. He
is hidden here among the (5) floating plants. He keeps very still and very quiet (6).
His big, bulging eyes are watching. He's watching the (7) dragonflies. He's watching for
slugs and worms. He's watching (8) for flies. This little frog is hungry for flies(9).
    Someone else is hungry too. A dragonfly hums around (10) above the water. She is a fierce
hunter, hungry (11) for insects. She hovers near a clump of frogs(12). She can fly in
any direction, even backwards and(13) sideways. Like the frog, she has very
big eyes(14). Suddenly she spots a fly crawling up a rock(15). She swoops down
like an arrow and grabs the (16) fly with her powerful front legs. Gripping it
tightly (17), she munches away at it with her sharp mouth(18) parts.
    The little frog has seen all this before(19). He turns very slightly. He's ready to pounce,
then (20) he keeps very still. He hopes that the Dragonfly (21) will take off towards him
when she's finished eating (22). He hopes she won't notice him sitting
still very (23) green among the pondweed. Soon she flies off(24).

Multiplication n Division level 3.

I am able to solve Multiplication and Division problems at level 3.

1.    When Jasmine makes lemonade she uses 6 lemons for every litre of water. How many lemons does she need for

i)     2 litres of water?    12
  • 6 Lemons makes 1Ltr.
  • I doubled the lemons to make 2Ltr.
  • Therefore since I doubled the lemons, you’ll need 12 lemons for 2 litre of water.

ii)    3 litres of water?    ____18______
  • 12 lemons make 2 litres of water.
  • so I just add another 6 lemons.
  • which makes 18.
  • she’ll need 18 lemons for 3 litres of water.

iii)   10 litres of water?    60
  • I times 6 lemons by 10 litres = 60 lemons for 10 litres.

2.   Devinda is doing some baking. When he uses his mum's recipe he can make 8 muffins. When he doubled the recipe he gets 16 muffins. How many lots of the recipe does he need to make

i)     24 muffins?     recipe times by 3.

ii)    32 muffins?     recipe times by 4.

iii)   56 muffins?     recipe times by 7.

Fraction Level 3.

I am learning to solve fraction problems at level 3.

This task is about finding fractions of a given number.
A farmer is selling some of his animals.
1.  The farmer sells ¼ of his 72 cows.  Show how to work out how many cows he sells.
  • Half of 72 = 36 which is 2/4 of 72.
  • Half of 36 is 18 so then 18 is 1/4.
  • The answer is, the farmer sells 18 cows.
     Answer- The farmer sells 18 cows.

2. He sells ⅓ of his 45 pigs.  Show how to work out how many pigs he sells.

  • Put into 45 into 3 groups.
  • So each group will have 15 pigs.
  • Because 15 + 15 + 15 = 45.
  • So the farmer sells 15 pigs.
Answer-  The farmer sells 15 pigs

3.   He sells ⅙ of his 84 sheep.  Show how to work out how many sheep he sells.
  • First I share 84 into 6 groups.
  • I firstly put 10 into the 6 group.  Then I have 24 left.
  • I  divide 24 into 6 groups = 4.  Therefore 10 + 4 = 14.
  • 14 sheeps is 1/6 of 84 sheeps.
Answer-14 sheeps sold.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Water Presentation

This week I have been studying water. I was put into a group of three.  This is what my group and I created.

Here are the links to my awesome group:

Petelo  &  Salamona.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1st Day of Swimming

Tuesday 18 June

On Friday Room 7 had swimming.  I wasn't aloud to swim because  I had skin problems, so I stood beside the pool and watched.  I enjoyed watching even though the water splashed on my uniform.  While I was watching them, I found it fun, watching them splashing around in the pool. You could smell a lot of chlorine. There was fog above the swimming pool. It was very fun.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Description of Myself.

I am a neat and presentable person.  I have straight black hair and dark brown eyes.  I am young and medium build. I am a creative and artistic person.   I love drawing and create things with crayons, colouring pens and felts. I am a hard-working person for I love to work. I am talented person. My talent is an Artist. I started drawing when I was 8 yrs old. This year I have learned to draw the picasso style of self portrait.


Iritana planted 5 rows with 14 lettuce in each row. How many lettuce did she plant altogether?

 Strategy:Doubling & Halving.
Number sentence:5x14=
1. First I double 5 = 10. 
2.Next I half 14 = 7.

  Therfore the number sentence now is 10x7.

3. Last of all we multiply10 with7 = 70.

  Which is the same as 5x14.

( 1.5 x 10=50
2.5 x 4`= 20

Description: My Mother

My Mother' name is Manu and she means the world to me.  She has long black and white coloured hair.  She is roundish and is not quite tall.  She has black outline for her beautiful dark brown eyes.

My mum is a loving,caring,funny and helpful mother.  She love to look after us when we're sick.  She'd always spoil us when we're sick or when we're good.  She loves to help and make others laugh.  My mum is humble, she is a friend to every at church and never starts a fight or a argument.  She love to see her kids friends come over.  She always give up her time to work/play with us.

My mum loves netball.  She'd always take us to watch netball/basketball games at Tonga.  She is the best chief/cooker in the family.  She cooks the most delicious food like chief Ramsay.  My mum is one of the most precious person to me. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Maths Presentation.

Science Experiment

Science Experiment
We were doing a Experiment to see what plants need to grow/how do plants grow. This is a picture of the steps I used for my Experiment.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mothers day :)

                                                            Mothers day.

  Dear Loving Father ,
  Thank you for my mother. She is my mum and I'm thankful for that . I know this isn't much but I hope you understand my love for you. Mum, You the queen of my heart, you the greatest mother in the whole universe and if you leave me I don't know what I'll do with my life. I know I can be a spoil brat or Fakahela. Another year passes so those a mothers day but my love for you never will. To your screaming in the house to your beautiful smile, I love you very much. Ofa Lahi Atu.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Tridium Means: The three most important liturgical celebrations in our catholic faith. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

What is Prayer?

There are many ways of praying,  for example:

1. Reading and listening to the scriptures.

2. Singing to God.

3.  Receiving the Eucharist.

4.  Praying/Reflecting/Talking to God.

5. Going to Mass every Sundays.

6.  Traditional Prayers:

 Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reflection of The Passion, The Death and Resurrection Of Jesus Christ.

           The Passion, The Death and The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ.
Its still term 1 but week 8(which is known as Holy week.)Today St Pius X had Celebrated The Passion,The Death and The Resurrection of Jesus with an Easter Liturgy .
 Of Jesus Christ.  My role for the liturgy was the apostles and the soldier. When I was the soldiers I had to be mean to Jesus.
Dear GOD teach me to forgive and not to be mean to others just like what Jesus did,