Friday, May 11, 2012

Basketball Experience

Planing: Coach Bruce, Dribble,  knees bended, butt stretching out.

Hey guys guess what Room 7 played basketball on Tuesday morning.I was nervous.First our basketball coach was Bruce, he used to play basketball but now he  is coaching a basketball team.When we started I was already shaking,I was afraid I might do the wrong thing.

Siliva passed me the ball and I was so so scared.So I ran to one cone and turned it over then I ran back and passed the ball to the next person, “Few that wasn’t so embarrissing” I said.Our next traning was testing our shooting skills. Daniel passed me the ball and I was so nervous,I ran to the middle line and crossed and then ran under the hoop shoot the ball but it missed so I tried again then I got it in.

We finished and we went back to class feeling confident with myself.   Now I can't wait for next week.

                                                         THE END

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