Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Jabbawockeez Masker 3

Previously on in 2 Brothers. There was a fight between Fred and the 2 brothers and there was a new baby. It was the new Tongan brothers now and the 4th Tongan brother was a zombie and there leader was black bladder. The new baby brothers name was John Wesley.One night the 3 brothers were sitting outside training for the big fight competition on a Saturday they trained so hard they fell a sleep there and the next morning the 3 brothers saw a little girl on the streets walking early before the sunrise.

They told the girl to look at them.The little girl looked at dead justice before she looked at the ugly man , you could seen how she looks like man. The little girl went for dead justice and dead justice said “ what kind of a mother looks like a man , she horrible , a man , so ugly that makes me vomit” .That girl was turned into a zombie by black bladder the leader of the zombies.There was heaps of zombies coming for us that there were over a million zombies coming. The question for us was what could we do?

One morning the 3 were sleeping, suddenly they heard people knocking on their window, woke and they said “who in the hell is that knocking on our window,man its early as, these people wake up earlier than us , few!.”When the 3 brothers looked outside to see who was knocking on their door,it was the ugly and disgusting Zombies.And then Dead Justice said “the Black Balder must send them”.Who’s black Bladder ? said Black mask, “its my old enemy when I was young”, he told me that “one day he is gonna have a whole army of zombies taking over the world ha ha ha”.We must save our planet earth or else we are gonna fail,the black Balder saw the 3 brothers and was laughing ha ha ha. John Wesley said “hey we can’t back down now remember we were untouchable, indefeasible and now we are stronger then ever “said lil brother John Wesley.

While the 3 brothers masker were beating the zombies , the zombies were no longer coming as they saw they they needed to rethink their plans. John Wesley was singing don’t let go by Sprawnbreezie and the 2 brothers masker said “how come you still have some breath in you except us 2”few said “John Wesley” now you loose breath “aye “said Dead Justice, and they all laughed.

The black bladder was angry at his zombies,damn how could the 3 of them defeat 500,000 people , “man they gotta be tough “said black Bladder. The 3 brothers got ready for round 2 said black Balder.One night the zombies came to the 3 brothers maskers house and shot it with a rocket launcher. Such a massive explosion. The 3 brothers house was destroyed and the 3 brothers didn’t know that their house was destroyed.On that evening the 3 brothers went to their house and they were so angry to see that their house was destroyed,. Such anger that they were like animals.The black Bladder was laughing to see that the 3 brothers so so angry.

So again under the shadow of darkness the black bladder and the 3 brothers have been waiting for the chance for the final fight. The black bladder was ready with his own army,the 3 brothers were also ready.The black bladder was the captain of his army and Dead Justice was the captain of his army,both captains shouted attack all the zombies and the 3 brothers finally collide. They put every thing on the line and the zombies did well but it wasn't enough to stop the 3 brothers. It was time to bring in the big guns said the black bladder came down to the fight but when he went down . He was killed straight away by John Wesley,there was heaps of blood dripping and the final fight was over and the 3 brothers was happy that it was over. “Hey” said John Wesley its my birthday tomorrow and dead justice and the black mask said “what should we do then for your 19th birthday.”John Wesley said “lets celebrate our victory”and the black mask and dead justice agreed with him, so they celebrated.


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