Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Jabbawockeez Masker

Once upon a time there were three brothers called Willi Watai and the other one was called Masker and the oldest was called the Black BladeR that like to kill and they had their own weapons. Their most prized weapons were a gun, a chain saw and their own bear hands. One night the three Magic brothers went to their car as they ventured into the night with the intention of coming back with a prize . Yes, they aimed to rob money and they get away with it . Little did they know the local district police commander was one of the best at seeking out villains. On the morning after the robbery it had been discovered that the job had been done and through investigation into the bank job they found out that all the clues pointed at the Magic master. Magic BROTHERS STRIKE AGAIN.

The commander considered the clue and his lieutenant agreed that they had the people, there was no doubt. One night a bunch of cops were waiting for the three Magic brothers outside their door, they rushed outside to their drive way to see what was going on. The cops started shooting. The cops called the brothers to come outside and surrender, but the Magic brothers didn’t came outside to surrender. It was time for the Magic killers to go out and start killing. The Magic brothers went outside to kill the cops. While they were outside killing the cops the oldest brother got killed because he jumped out the window. The cops were shooting him until he died. Willi Watai and the Magic Masker found the oldest brother’s dead body and got angry and killed anybody who came in their way. be continued

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