Monday, August 22, 2011


A Sunny Sunday morning in the HolidaysOn Sunday morning I had to go with my dad and mum as well as my little sister for a run. We had to go and run along heaps of road.We ran mostly around St Heliers which flat and it took for ages as either we were slow runner or it was along distance but my dad told us we were nearly finished just 6 more roads to go. Can you believe he made us do this on a Sunday morning?
We finished and we went home . My mum and dad went to sleep awhile me and my little sister played games.We played heaps of games mostly wrestling and my sister asked me if I could create for her a man in the game. I said “yes” and it took for ages but my little sisters fell asleep because I took for ages.I finished and I woke her up so she could use the created person I made for her. We played and played then while we were playing we heard a noise coming from outside.
I told my sister to go and look outside to see who is it, so my sister went to look and to see who was outside. She came back and said “it was my mum and dad” but I said “no” and and she said “no” so I went to see who was outside . It was the two people with my dad cooking a pig. My sister and I carried on playing games until my sister came and said “my sister had to go church”. I still carried on playing games and me and my dad had to clean up my room and my dad told me if my room is messed up again I will get a hiding from him and I said “yes”.
My brother came back from church and he laughed at what I was doing my mum and the others came back from church as well. My mum said that she and my dad will go somewhere and that they would come back so we can go to my brothers house. My mum and dad took for ages and we were so so hungry after a while they arrived but my dad wasn't there as he was at my Nana’s house watching rugby.
We had to hop into the van and go buy something for my brother and his wife and my new nephew.We went to the Pak ‘n Sav, fruit shop and we call past KFC to buy something as well. We went to my Nana’s house to pick up my dad and we went. While we were going there I went to sleep but I only had a short nap. We had to go inside my brothers house. We went inside my brother’s room and kiss him and hug him , the baby and my auntie.We went into the living room and for a short while until my little sister wanted to go home and we all kissed the baby and went outside to the van. We went home and ate chicken and we went to sleep.

A enjoyable Sunday I think. What do you think?

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